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New Jerusalem Monastery

Hotel Livadia is located 1 minute away from a major monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church

The monastery was founded in 1656 by Patriarch Nikon to recreate the complex of holy places of Palestine near Moscow. The natural landscape was perfect for this purpose. Russian nature itself, green fields and hills, high sky and shining clouds. The monastery was conceived as a symbol of the power of the Russian state.

The New Jerusalem Monastery is one of the most famous and significant monasteries of Holy Russia. Thanks to the monastery, Istra was visited by Russian tsars: Petr1, Pavel2, Alexander II, Catherine II.

In 1941, the monastery was in the zone of fierce fighting and was almost destroyed. Restoration work raised the monastery from the ruins, it is recreated in its glory and pilgrims can again admire it.

The place for our hotel was not chosen by chance. Previously, there was the hotel of the same name of the merchant Vasiliev. Unfortunately, during World War II it was destroyed.


Do you want to enjoy staying in our hotel while visiting the monastery?

Hotel Livadia completely corresponds to 3 star hotel level (Certificate № РОСС RU.B208.04УЖ01.16.МО196) and offers European standard of service to its guests.

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